Version 5.0
5 (1)
Key Changes:
  • switching to PHP 8
  • new access rights management window
  • failed login attempts are now displayed in the Activity log section
  • optimized workability with a large number of users
New Features:
  • granting access to separate passwords without adding users to a vault
  • adding TOTP-keys and then generating 2FA-codes
  • quick view of granted accesses to vaults and folders
  • enabling priority SSO authentication
LDAP Update:
  • test mode for mapping LDAP groups with Passwork roles
  • saving LDAP logs to a CSV file
  • updating user attributes during synchronization with the LDAP directory
Mobile App Update:
  • Passwork version 5 supports
  • copying passwords on long press
  • new home screen view with sorted by vault type
  • inbox passwords
  • improved search mechanism
  • debug mode
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To access the new features, update your Passwork.
Version 4.7.2
LDAP Improvements:
  • automatic user creation when a group is added to AD
  • automatic user deactivation when users are removed from AD groups
  • names and emails are now loaded from AD
  • an additional way of user authorization through a service account was added, it's an alternative to using a mask
  • automatic user confirmation after registration in LDAP and SSO
Version 4.7.1
Mobile application
We are pleased to introduce a new mobile app for the self-hosted version of Passwork with the following features:
  • Access to all your passwords
  • Adding and editing passwords
  • Search by title, url, colors and tags
  • Flexible password generator
  • Biometrics based login to the app
To install the mobile app, select "Mobile application" from the "Settings and users" menu.
Security updates
  • Security patches (CVE-2022-25266, CVE-2022-25267, CVE-2022-25268, CVE-2022-25269, prepared with help of Positive Technologies)
  • Enhanced CSRF-token (lifetime can be set in the settings page)
  • Optional base64 encoding of HTTP responses
Update your Passwork to the latest version to get all security patches and support for the mobile app.
Version 4.6.8
  • сhanged password link style
Shared Password Not authorized
Version 4.6.6
  • SSO support for mobile authorization
Version 4.6.4
  • mobile applications support (beta)
Version 4.6.3
  • permission tree optimizations
Version 4.6.1
  • added API key rotation
  • fixed user search bugs
Version 4.5.3
  • improved performance
  • added rights caching
  • made a lot of UI changes
  • added validity check for keys on loading
  • improved PHPMailer
Version 4.5.2
  • added an installer for step-by-step installation of Passwork
  • added ability to send mail via PHPMailer
  • introduced interface changes
Passwork installer
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