Version 4.2.0
  • The ability to select several passwords and folders simultaneously and then move, copy or delete them
  • Styling Drag'n'Drop and multiselection
  • Optimization of the Security Dashboard
  • Optimization of the left menu for a large number of vaults and folders
  • Optimization of getting a list of folders and passwords
  • Pagination when working with a large number of users
  • Authorization via SAML SSO in Beta is available to everyone. After the official release, SSO support will only be available with an Advanced license.
Version 4.1.10
  • Downtime logout fix
  • LDAP user mask validation fix
Version 4.1.9
  • New record types in the activity log
  • Vault admins can view its history
  • SSO support for browser extensions
  • Improved performance
Version 4.1.8
SSO authorization fix
Version 4.1.7
Password recovery email fix
Version 4.1.4
  • SSO SAML Integration (beta)
  • API fix for session
Version 4.1.3
  • API improvements
  • API new methods: Get all colors; Get all tags; Get favorite passwords; Activity log reports
Version 4.1.1
  • Improved performance
  • Improved search
  • Auto signout after 10 min is moved to a server-side
  • <login> is a mandatory substring of LDAP Mask
  • Markup fixes
Version 4.1.0
  • New API v.4
  • Security fixes
Version 3.2.7 — 4.0.21
Version v.3.2.7, December 2019
  • Optimized work with large attachments
  • Tags in the interface are now sorted alphabetically
  • Added option “Only admins can share passwords”
  • Events in the activity log are now displayed correctly
  • Fixed bug in Internet Explorer when saving attachments
  • Improved performance
Version v.3.2.32, April 2020
  • Improved the display of the interface on mobile devices
  • Added the ability to specify a specific port for generated links
  • Significantly improved the display speed of the vaults list
  • Added user avatars• Added avatars’ block in the vault for the administrator
  • Recent user actions are displayed when hovering on the avatar block
  • Improved performance
Version v.4.0.0, August 2020
  • Added the ability to mark passwords as favorites
  • Added tabs “History of actions” and “Editions” in the password view
  • Introduced a new password search algorithm
  • Added page-by-page navigation in search results
  • Added a context menu when right-clicking on the password
  • Increased the length of the folder names in the interface
  • Improved performance
Version v.4.0.21
  • Improved search algorithm
  • Added new flexible password generator
  • Improved performance