The extension is now available for Safari
You can insert, generate or manage your company's passwords in a couple of clicks.
Browser extension 1
Version 4.4.4
  • updated jQuery to version 3.6.0
  • added the ability to record the history of actions in Syslog and Windows Log
  • added strict search (this requires searching in double-quotes)
Version 4.4.0
New LDAP integration features in Passwork:
  • Updated section with LDAP/AD integration configuration (we made it easier to configure and added the ability to filter data)
  • Added connections between LDAP groups and Passwork roles with the possibility of automatic time synchronization
  • Fixed the problem that occured when loading a large number (>1000) of users and groups
  • The service account for the AD configuration is now stored on the server
Linking LDAP groups and roles allows you to automatically assign selected roles to a user when adding him to a connected group.
Version 4.3.6
Browser extension update (version 1.0.14):
  • Added ‘Dark Theme’
  • Added auto-locking (either permanent or specified)
  • Password can now be searched for using page title
  • PIN request moved to the content script window
  • Improved use with subdomains
  • Improved use with iframe and ajax forms
  • Bug fixes and a general increase in speed
Version 4.3.3
  • Added option "Disallow users from resetting own authorization password (and reset 2fa)"
  • Improved LDAP settings interface
  • Vault/folder menu now shows disabled options instead of hiding them
  • Compatibility with 7.2 PHP
  • Fixed minor bugs
Version 4.3.0
A new Google Chrome extension for the Self-hosted version:
  • Access to all your passwords directly from the extension to
  • Proposal to save data during authorization
  • Automatic filling of authorization forms
  • Adding and editing passwords
  • Search by title, colors, and tags
  • Flexible password generator
  • Blocking the extension with a PIN
The extension will be refined and will soon become available for other browsers.
EN 1280x800 2
Version 4.2.3
New export and import options:
  • export/import can be done in JSON format, allowing one to preserve the structure of vaults and folders
  • you can choose from which folders to export, as well as to which folders you wish to import data
  • you’ll be able to preserve or ignore the data structure on the import
Export data ENG
Version 4.2.0
  • The ability to select several passwords and folders simultaneously and then move, copy or delete them
  • Styling Drag'n'Drop and multiselection
  • Optimization of the Security Dashboard
  • Optimization of the left menu for a large number of vaults and folders
  • Optimization of getting a list of folders and passwords
  • Pagination when working with a large number of users
  • Authorization via SAML SSO in Beta is available to everyone. After the official release, SSO support will only be available with an Advanced license.
Version 4.1.10
  • Downtime logout fix
  • LDAP user mask validation fix
Version 4.1.9
  • New record types in the activity log
  • Vault admins can view its history
  • SSO support for browser extensions
  • Improved performance
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