Version 5.0
5 (1)
Key Changes:
  • switching to PHP 8
  • new access rights management window
  • failed login attempts are now displayed in the Activity log section
  • optimized workability with a large number of users
New Features:
  • granting access to separate passwords without adding users to a vault
  • adding TOTP-keys and then generating 2FA-codes
  • quick view of granted accesses to vaults and folders
  • enabling priority SSO authentication
LDAP Update:
  • test mode for mapping LDAP groups with Passwork roles
  • saving LDAP logs to a CSV file
  • updating user attributes during synchronization with the LDAP directory
Mobile App Update:
  • Passwork version 5 supports
  • copying passwords on long press
  • new home screen view with sorted by vault type
  • inbox passwords
  • improved search mechanism
  • debug mode
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