It would be great if the user could show and hide columns himself, e.g. via checkboxes. I have already seen the sorting of columns as a suggestion. Also, increasing and decreasing the size of the columns would be handy.
An application example:
Another column for the folder name would be useful when searching.
From the source code I can see that the folder name should be displayed, but if the vault name is too long, the name of the folder is only displayed with "...". If you only have one vault, then there doesn't need to be a vault column in the search results. A folder column would make more sense.
In order to display more information, it also makes sense to adjust the display width. On larger screens, left and right are mostly more empty content (margin) than actual content. As a test, I set .main {max-width: 100rem;} and .header__container {max-width: 100rem;} and did not notice any display problems.