For the websites we are using, it seems Passwork is only able to recognize about half to auto-fill password, for the other half nothing happens and you need to manually look up and then copy/paste the login data, which is obviously very inconvenient. We especially noted that there are many site that Firefox's internal (unsafe) password manager has recognized, but Passwork does not.
Apparently there are two areas of improvement:
  1. Recognize a site for which Passwork has a password stored – this seems to work ok if the URL is just a domain, but less so if the URL also includes subdirectories.
  2. Recognize to which fields which information needs to go. This is probably not straight-forward as different sites uses different terms for their fields – one possible solution could be an optin to manually scan a website for fields, and then let the user manually assign to which field the login and the password nees to go.
This will probably apply not only to the Firefox plugin.